Welcome to Raising Mumeens

Here, it is our goal to raise children who are believers in Allah and who grow up and live their lives worshiping Him as He should be worshiped.

Is this something you want for your child?

Sign up for our courses to learn how to teach your child Islam through books and through your daily activities. Learn how to make Islam a way of life such that your children are raised with a proper understanding of the deen, in sha'a Allah.

Why do you need a course if you are already a Muslim?

Because teaching your child Islam requires daily deliberate efforts and knowledge.

For many of us who grew up as Muslims, there are so many things that we take for granted in the deen.

At Raising Mumeens, I help you understand how to transfer this knowledge of the deen to your child in a way that it becomes a normal way of life for them too.

And for those who, despite being Muslims do not not have enough knowledge to teach their child, I give you tips to teach them regardless of your own level of knowledge.

Assalamu alaykum,

My name is Amina and I am the founder of Raising Mumeens. I am a work-from-home writer and mum.

I am a freelance writer for Muslim businesses, I write fiction for Muslim kids, and non-fiction for adult Muslims. I have degrees in English language and International Relations, and I am currently pursuing another Bachelors's in Islamic Studies at the Knowledge International University (KIU) in Saudi Arabia.

I am a Nigerian and currently live in Lagos, Nigeria.

I am a strong advocate of 'after schooling', which is basically a fancy phrase for saying that parents should proactively supplement their child's secular and Islamic education at home. This is what inspired the Raising Mumeens blog. It is a place to provide resources to parents who have a desire to teach their children the deen at home and raise righteous Muslims. 

Isn't that what we all want?

Join me on this journey!

Constant Support

Do you have questions about teaching kids Islam? You can send an email 24/7 and you'll get a response as soon as convenient, in sha'a Allah. If you are an enrolee, you get a dedicated email address to ask all your questions. No questions are too basic to ask and there is no limit to the number of times that you can send a question.

Continuous Uploads

People who are enroled in the courses usually get a chance to suggest more topics to be added to a particular course*. So once you sign up for a course, you can get a chance to have a module added just because you needed it!

*This is subject to terms and conditions, part of which include that the suggested topic be a good fit for the course and should not be a whole course on its own.